Effective Cure for Dark Circles – Surgery the Only Option?

Searching for an effective and affordable cure for dark circles can be quite intimidating. You know that you need to find something that works fast and that delivers results worth the expense, but you aren’t comfortable with the idea of surgical intervention.

What are the options today? Is it really possible to get rid of those bags that make you look years older without having cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery

While there are no true cosmetic surgical procedures that can cut out or otherwise eliminate dark circles under and around the eyes, there are some modern day procedures that are non-surgical yet more invasive than applying a cream.

These possible solutions include:

  • Laser Treatments
  • IPL Treatments (light)
  • Chemical Peel
  • Collagen Injection
  • Dermal Fillings

Some of these treatments are more effective than others and they may not all work for everyone. Some are more invasive than others while some are much safer than others.

You have to do your research on all of these options and determine whether the risk is really worth the reward before you make a final decision.

The downside to all of these procedures is they are not permanent. You will need to go in for collagen or other filler injections on a routine basis or the results will simply go away with time.

Laser treatments are the only option that may deliver more permanent results, but it also carries a slightly higher risk since the lasers can burn the skin if not used correctly.

Laser treatments also may not be available for all skin tones.

Natural Remedies

If you don’t want to go through the expense, time and potential risks of those procedures, you could go to the other extreme and try natural remedies with items you may have in your home right now.

The most notable at-home natural remedy is to relax for awhile with fresh cucumber slices resting over your eyes.

The problem with these remedies is they are slow to start showing results so you have to be very patient. They may not work in the long run, which is frustrating.

Products to Eliminate Eye Circles

If none of those options really interest you, there are many creams and other topical products which are designed with natural ingredients proven to help reduce bags and discoloration beneath and around the eyes.

You could use products that are designed for the face in general, but newer products that specifically rejuvenate the eye area are typically better choices.

For the best results, read online critiques of different creams to find the ones that have proven effective for other consumers. Never assume that the most expensive creams or the biggest brand names are going to be the most effective on your face. This is often not the case!

For many people, the best cure for dark circles under and around the eye will be a really good all natural eye cream used on a regular basis. Chemical, laser and surgical procedures are just too risky and expensive while home remedies take too long to see results.

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