Anti Aging Hand Cream Or Just A Skin Moisturizer?

chemical-free anti aging hand cream

Many people make the mistake of believing that there’s little, if any difference at all, between an anti aging hand cream and a regular skin moisturizing cream. While this might be the case in some instances, it’s certainly not always the case. I’m sure some manufacturers just make a single batch of lotion and then market some of it as a full-body moisturizer, and some of it as a hand cream, and while I could be wrong, I don’t think they’re actually doing anything illegal in doing so. It may be dishonest, and even a slap in the face for their customers, but it’s probably not illegal.

The sad thing is however, a regular body moisturizer is ineffective at being an anti aging hand cream, simply because one’s hands are subjected to incredibly more stress on a daily basis than what the rest of the body is. Not only is the skin on your hands continually being flexed and stretched, but it also commonly comes into contact with cleaning agents and a range of different chemicals, many of which are present in the different cleaning agents we use all the time.

For example, we get taught to always wash our hands after we’ve been to the bathroom, and of course this is good advice, but remember, every time you wash your hands with soap, you’re essentially stripping away natural oils which are actually there for a good reason in the first place. When you bath or take a shower, your hands are once again in contact with chemicals – have you ever looked at the list of ingredients on the average bottle of shampoo?

When we’re out and about on a sunny day, practically our whole body is covered, apart from our face and our hands, and of course, many people wear caps or hats to shield their faces from the sun, while their hands remain exposed. This is why it’s so easy to judge a person’s age simply by looking at their hands. The only way to prevent premature aging of the skin on one’s hands is by using a chemical-free anti aging hand cream.

Also, the actual skin on a person’s hands, not including the palms and fingertips, is usually thinner than it is elsewhere on the body. This means the skin can become dehydrated quicker than the skin on your legs for example. The human body is a wonderful thing, but as far as the hands are concerned, there really is some room for improvement.

Of course we can’t change the hands we have, and neither can we grow or add more skin, but we can take positive steps to ensure our hands don’t age prematurely. This is done by keeping contact with harsh cleaning agents to a bare minimum, by limiting the amount of time we spend in the sun, and by using a good quality anti aging hand cream, which should ideally be applied to the hands at least twice daily.

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