Anti Aging Creams with Xtend-TK And Youthful Skin

Most of us dread the thought of growing old, and would do almost anything to retain our youthful looks, which is why anti aging creams are such a popular consumer product. But do they really work, and if so, what are the best product lines to buy? To get a better understanding as to whether or not these creams deliver, it is useful to understand what actually causes your skin to age in the first place.

why anti aging creams are such a popular consumer produc

When we are born, our skins are perfect; soft, unblemished and very elastic. You can expect to go through your early years with lovely smooth skin, unless of course you happen to have acne or some other skin complaint. Under normal circumstances, as we approach our thirties and forties, and of course beyond, our skins will show the first signs of aging. Typically this may be fine wrinkles beginning to appear, (especially around the eyes), some spots and moles etc, and also our skins become less plump. There’s the so called “pinch test” whereby you bunch a small piece of skin on the back of your hand, and pinch it. The younger you are, the quicker the pinched skin will revert to its former state. But as you age, you will note that the pinched skin takes progressively longer to revert, the older you are. You may also note that your skin becomes thinner and you may bruise more easily.

It is this loss of elasticity, and the thinning process, that makes your skin both look and feel older, making your outward appearance reflect your advancing years. In your younger years, your body produces two substances which are crucial to the health quality of your skin. These substances are called Collagen and Elastin and they are fundamentally important to the elasticity of your skin, and the growth of new skin cells.

In the past, many anti aging creams had Collagen and Elastin in them as one of their major ingredients. It was thought that by supplementing these substances through the use of the creams containing them that this would increase the levels and halt the aging process.

The collagen and elastin that was used in most anti aging products was not gained from humans. It actually came from animals, primarily cows. Whilst in theory this should work, there is no absolute guarantee that it is compatible in humans in the same way. But more to the point, modern science has determined that collagen and elastin supplements cannot be absorbed through the skin, and even collagen injections are not effective, as it is the body’s collagen manufacturing process itself that is at fault.

But major strides have been made in research in the past decade, and one of the results is the development of new substance called Xtend-TK. This is a wholly natural substance that actually stimulates the body’s manufacturing processes of collagen and elastin. This substance is not yet being incorporated by most of the well known branded anti aging creams. But one company in particular, a company called Xtend-Life, (who are mostly responsible for arrival of this product in the first place), are incorporating it into many of their skin care products with amazing results. By using Xtend-Life’s Age Defying Day Cream during the day, and their Restorative Night Cream in the evenings, women are seeing fantastic results.

So if you want to start rejuvenating your skin, to recapture that lost youthfulness, visit the Xtend-life’s website and check out these two amazing products. It may well be the best decision you will ever make.

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