Are You Buying Pore Minimizing Products or What

very good pore minimizing products

If you have big pores, there’s a strong possibility you’re already using one or other product in a bid to have smaller pores, and if the truth be known, you’ve more than likely tried a range of pore minimizing products already. Of course if any of those products had actually worked, you would have no reason whatsoever to be reading this, so I think it’s safe to assume you’re feeling bitterly disappointed with the products you’ve tried, and I don’t blame you one bit.

With the economy being the way it is, none of us have money to throw down the drain, and let’s face it, it soon adds up when you start buying one product after another. Unfortunately, if you’ve been spending money on a variety of products, and you’ve not seen any noticeable results, then I’m afraid to say you’ve been buying what I like to call “pore maximizing products”, as opposed to pore minimizing products.

To put it mildly, most skin care products are actually pore maximizing products. I know countless people who complain that they have tried everything, and yet their skin problems just end up getting worse. They do five minutes worth of online research, they read that they have big pores because their pores are clogged, so they rush out and buy the strongest facial cleanser they can find. This is where they make their first serious mistake. If anything, you should only ever use a mild cleanser on your skin, and especially on facial skin.

The next thing they do is come back with a moisturizer because they read everywhere how important it is to keep skin well moisturized. Then, in their quest to uncover the ultimate pore minimizing products, they read they should be using a good night cream before going to bed in the evening. Now, once they have been doing all this for a few days, and they don’t see results, they go out shopping for something a little bit more expensive.

Of course they experience the same sort of disappointment the next time round, and the next, and the next. During all this frenzied shopping, they never once stop to think about what sort of ingredients are present in all those products they bought. The chances are, most of them, apart from the cleansers, contain petroleum based substances, and regardless of what the manufacturers might tell you, petroleum based products only serve to clog pores even more, and as such, they should never be used is any pore minimizing products.

Reducing the size of skin pores is all to do with some simple science. The pores are there for a reason – they allow essential oils to pass through the skin to the outer layers where they will act as a form of natural protection. If you block the pores, your body will attempt to overcome the problem by increasing the size of the blocked pores.

Nobody is saying you cannot apply anything to your skin if you have big pores, and to the contrary, there are some very good pore minimizing products out there which can certainly help to restore your pores to their original size. What you need to do though is find a brand name that places a great deal of emphasis on the type of ingredients they use. Also, if a manufacturer isn’t willing to guarantee results, there’s a good reason for it, and I don’t think you need me to tell you what that reason is.

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