Body Butter Massage Cream Wonders – 3 Ways to Pamper

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A body butter massage cream is one of the most commonly used massage paraphernalia. Not only does it feel good on the skin, but it can also provide benefits that the one being massaged will surely love. The following application techniques will provide instant rewards for the user.

Session Primer

Massagers can rub the massage cream first before proceeding with the massage session. This type of application will prepare the customer’s skin from the pressure that will be applied once the whole massaging session starts. CONSTANT APPLICATION IN SOME AREAS SUCH AS THE SHOULDERS, KNEES, AND THIGHS IS ADVISED SINCE BLOOD FLOWS THE MOST ON THESE AREAS.

Massage Helper

Since the skin gets pumped up during a massage session, a body butter massage cream will keep the moisture locked in and also provide an instant burning or cooling sensation to the customer’s skin, depending on the product to be used. The ones with medicinal ingredients can even help in healing sores or bruises on the skin and provide a relief to those tired muscles. Moreover, the cream helps in making the skin more slippery, so the massaging movements become easier to be executed.

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Slumber Cover

Many massage clients fall asleep during the course of the activity. This can also be a good time to apply the body butter massage cream to the back or on the shoulders and legs, depending on the position of the client. The application shouldn’t be as hard as the others, since the clients are in a relaxation mode.

Encore Refresher

Using a body butter massage cream after massage will keep the skin moisturized and silky smooth without leaving residues that might cause more harm than good to the skin. Creams available in the market mostly include fruity scents and ingredients to keep the user feeling fresh even after a series of hard-thumping massage techniques. A light stroke is recommended to give the feeling of relaxation without the pressure.

The massager or the customer being massaged may opt to choose either one of these application methods. Most spas usually go for the second and third option, since these has become the standard in body butter massage cream application. However, the other two can also be tried so that people can see their benefits.

And now, the application methods are given. The next question that needs to be answered would be the cream products that could actually provide the best massaging effects when applied. To know more about the best choices when it comes to choosing a body butter massage cream, go to Xtend Life.

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