Advanced Wrinkle reducer for Younger Looking Skin

When I first came across the phrase “advanced wrinkle reducer”, I immediately pictured some new and much awaited gadget which you simply rub against your skin in order to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Of course I knew this was nothing more than plain old wishful thinking, but those three words nonetheless seemed to stick in my mind, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

As with millions of other people all over the world, I too had tried a substantial amount of products in my quest to eliminate my wrinkles, or at least to reduce them somewhat. As I’m sure others can attest to, several products actually seemed to make some of my existing lines worse. I also found several products that did, without any doubt at all, reduce lines and wrinkles significantly, but on each of those occasions, the results were short-lived.

You’d have to treat your skin in the mornings before going to work, and then if you intended going out at night, you’d need to repeat the treatment. Admittedly, if you’re in a situation where you need a quick fix urgently, some of those products may be just what you’re looking for. However, I wouldn’t advocate using them for any length of time, because not only does it work out very expensive, but you’ll also find very few of them are made up entirely of natural ingredients.

Some people don’t seem to be overly concerned as far as the use of chemicals is concerned, but I am most definitely not one of them, at least not anymore now that I have a better understanding regarding some of the most widely used ingredients within the cosmetics industry. I simply don’t see how any manufacturer could call one of their products an advanced wrinkle reducer if in fact it’s actually damaging one’s skin.

Alarmingly enough, one common ingredient known as “Triclosan” is actually classified as a weed killer, and yet manufacturers continue to use it in their products. Is this really the sort of thing you want to expose your skin too? Phenol carbolic acid is another ingredient you’ll frequently see listed on anti aging products, and of course manufacturers conveniently forget to tell consumers that research has shown this substance can lead to circulatory collapse, it can cause convulsions, and even result in coma or death.

I could go on and on, and I could literally write pages upon pages on the various chemical substances frequently used in skin care products. Isn’t it ironic that the very products being sold to improve skin are actually the products doing the most damage to people’s skin. Unfortunately, until such time that the FDA is given some degree of authority over the cosmetics industry, things aren’t likely to change.

You get two basic types of ingredients used in skin care products – those which can be absorbed by the skin, and those that cannot be absorbed by the skin. Obviously if an ingredient cannot be absorbed, it won’t be able to benefit your skin at all. That leaves us with those ingredients which can be absorbed, and this is the area of most concern, because anything which is absorbed by the skin ends up in the bloodstream. In other words, those dangerous chemicals are getting into your bloodstream, just as they would if you ingested them.

For this reason, I follow one golden rule when it comes to choosing an advanced wrinkle reducer – if I can’t eat it, it doesn’t get anywhere near my skin.

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