Collagen – Notorious Scam People Have Fallen For

Let’s face it; even if you aren’t overly concerned about the condition of your skin, you’re more than likely familiar with collagen, and what a significant role this group of proteins plays as far as one’s skin is concerned. There’s simply no denying the fact that once the body’s natural production of these proteins go into decline, that’s when we begin to see fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

So, how exactly has this one single word managed to be such a phenomenal money spinner for skin care manufacturers? I hope you’re ready for this, because there’s a good chance you’ve also been on the receiving end of the highly successful scam. Unfortunately, irrespective of what anyone tells you, collagen simply cannot be absorbed by the skin. That’s right, it’s a physical impossibility, so skin care manufacturers can put as much of this as they want into their creams and lotions, and not even a single molecule of it is going to penetrate your skin.

ability to stimulate the body into producing increased amounts of collagen

Interestingly enough, the cosmetics industry isn’t alone in this. Many of the companies involved in the manufacturing of dietary supplements also want a slice of the pie, so they too are including this in the pills and capsules, and as is to be expected, many consumers are falling for it. In truth however, just as it cannot be absorbed through the skin, it also can’t be absorbed through ingestion. No matter how much of it you ingest, your body breaks it down into a number of amino acids.

If you want to have nice youthful looking skin, then yes, you do need to have more of these proteins present in order to boost the strength and elasticity of your skin. The question is how do you increase your current levels, given that you can’t do it via your skin, and you can’t do via you diet. Fortunately for us, those in the know have indeed found a way to achieve such a goal.

Certain substances, when massaged into one’s skin, have the ability to stimulate the body into producing increased amounts of collagen. One such substance goes by the name of Xtend-TK. The only snag with this, is that this ingredient/substance is still comparatively new on the market, and those behind it have taken every possible precaution in order to ensure the big name brands don’t get their hands on it just yet. As a result, if you determined to stick with the regular brand name creams and lotions, you’ll have to wait s few more years before you’ll begin to see this potent ingredient showing up in anti aging creams.

As far as I’m aware, although I could of course be wrong, the Xtend-Life range of all-natural skin care products are currently the only ones on the market containing Xtend-TK. In fact, it’s a key ingredient in many of the company’s products, and largely responsible for the huge success of their Age Defying Day Cream, which in clinical trials proved to be incredibly effective at repairing damaged cells. So much so, that the company refers to is as being “cell rejuvenation technology”. One side effect, which in this case is extremely desirable, is that this ingredient also stimulates the body to produce more elastin, which as you may already know, is also vital for skin health.

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to skin care products, but if you’ve had enough of being misled, and you like to start making some headway, I would honestly advise you to at least look into the Xtend-Life range of skin care products.

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