Facial Exercises Can Make You Look Years Younger

facial exercises are a great way of helping to keep looking young

Facial exercises can be used by anyone at any stage of their life to help to keep their faces more supple and younger looking. Many people overlook the fact that our faces contain various muscle groups that drive and enable our expressions, but just like any other muscles in your body, they need regular exercise to keep them in tip-top condition.

Your face really is the window of your being, and can be seen as a clear indicator of your age. The aging process as a whole is of course unavoidable. It comes to us all as we journey through life. But there are many ways of postponing and minimizing the aging process, and performing a regular facial muscle workout can really help to keep you look more youthful.

One of the great advantages you get when you do a facial muscle workout is that you significantly improve your skin tone. The reason for this is that when you work your facial muscles you are increasing the flow of blood to your face skin tissue. This increased flow of blood delivers with it increased amounts of nutrition, as well as increased volumes of oxygen. This goes straight to your facial skin cells, nourishing them and helping them to regenerate. A regular facial muscle workout helps to rid your face of both old and impaired cells too.

As well as working at cellular level, a facial workout also significantly improves the muscle tone itself, making your facial muscles stronger and more capable of holding your face together. Without these sorts of facial exercises, your face, as you age, can get that tired, baggy look, as your muscles are no longer functioning as well as they did in your youth.

One of the key areas of facial muscle groups is around your eyes, and exercising them can really help to minimize that aging look. Try just stretching your eyes open as wide as you can, then look as far to the left as you are able, as far to the right, and as far up and down. Just doing this for 3 or 4 minutes a day can make a significant improvement the appearance of your eyes, and helps you to look more aware and alert.

If you combine your eye exercises with a great skin care product designed for slowing the aging process, like Xtend-Life’s Eye Contour Serum, you’ll be amazed at the improvement you will bring about.

Another facial area that benefits from a facial workout is your jowls. These can often begin to sag as you age, so keeping them nice and firm can really help to maintain a more youthful look. There is a great exercise known as kissing the ceiling, whereby you tilt your head backwards and stare up at the ceiling, whilst at the same time pushing your lips forward in a pouting kiss formation. To start off with, do about 10 repetitions, working your way up to 30 or 40 reps as your muscles strengthen.

As with the eye exercise, using a great skin care product to supplement your facial workout will significantly enhance the results. Xtend-Life’s Age Defying Day Cream is probably the best value for money anti-aging treatment on the market, and if you use this after your facial workout, you will almost immediately see and feel a significant improvement in your facial skin. It will look and feel younger.

Facial exercises are a great way of helping to keep looking young, but when you use a great skin anti-aging product as well, you’ll get the very best of both worlds and you’ll be amazed at the difference you and everyone else will see. But don’t just take my word for it – check it out yourself.

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