Itchy Skin Relief Makes Your Skin Look younger

Itchy skin is one of the most irritating conditions a person can have. It forces you to scratch, and in some instances the act of scratching can even exacerbate the itch, or may even lead to damaging your skin. The clinical name for this itching is pruritus and it can be caused by many things, some of them more serious than others.

Where the cause of the pruritus is down to a particular medical ailment, such as eczema for example, then you must seek medical advice from a medical practitioner. If you also experience other symptoms such as finding it difficult to breathe, or your tongue or face swelling, it is likely that you have developed an allergy to something, and once again, you are recommended to visit a medical practitioner for a diagnosis.

unpleasant cause of itchy skin

Itchy Skin Rash

However, where the itchiness is a more generalized occurrence and not related to a particular medical condition, then standard off the shelf treatments can be used. But what are the likely causes of a more generalized itchiness?

One of the most frequent causes of itchiness is an accumulation of dead skin cells. Your skin, or dermis, is remarkable. It is the single largest of your body organs and is a clear indicator of your overall health. Your skin cells are constantly regenerating and replacing themselves, and the average cycle time is an amazing 18 hours. So it is hardly therefore surprising that an accumulation of the millions of dead skin cells that are being left behind can cause irritation. A good scratch, followed by a good body cleanse when you feel itchy, is often all that is needed.

Many people suffer from something called “Winter Itch”. This is normally experienced by people who live in drier climates and is a result of their skins becoming dry. In this situation it is important that you should use a good moisturizer.

A somewhat more unpleasant cause of itchy skin is insects. We’re all familiar with pesky mosquitoes and midges, and the huge amount of irritation it causes when we are bitten by on, or by several. Then there are things like bedbugs. We all hate to think we might be sharing our beds with such creatures, but if you were to magnify your bedding or your mattress, you may well be in for a very unpleasant shock. But all that is called for in these cases is improved housekeeping, and maybe a new mattress or two.

Many pregnant moms develop general body itchiness too, in fact as many as 20% of women come under this banner. In most instances it is because of the hormonal imbalances that are taking place in their bodies, and whilst uncomfortable, it usually goes away once the pregnancy is over. In the interim period, an anti-inflammatory cream and moisturizer will help.

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So if you want to kill two birds with the same stone, and rid yourself of irritating dry, old skin at the same time as nourishing it and regaining a more youthful appearance, why not check out Xtend-life’s website and take a look at their superb range of skin care products?

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