Liver Spots, Age Spots & Sun Spots, What They Are?

Question: When are liver spots not a liver spot?

Answer: When it’s an age spot!

Question: When is an age spot not an age spot?

Answer: When it’s a sun spot!

That’s the funny thing about liver spots; they have absolutely nothing to do with your liver at all. That’s also the strange thing about so called “age spots”, because they don’t appear just because you’re getting older.

However there is a link to age, but it’s not the fact that you are forty, or fifty something; it’s more to do with the fact that your skin has had more accumulated time to soak up the sun’s rays; you see it’s actually ultra-violet that is responsible for liver spots, (or call them what you will) forming.

If ultra-violet is the catalyst, it’s actually a substance known as melanin that creates the spot. Melanin is a skin pigment. It is responsible for your skin color tone, and your hair and eye color too. In simple terms, darker skinned folks have more melanin in their skin cells than fairer skinned folks. Melanin is found in most organisms, but curiously enough, (nice little piece of trivia here), spiders are one of the few creatures that it has not been detected in!

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Your body contains cells known as melanocytes, and it is these particular cells that produce the melanin itself. It is melanin’s job to defend your skin from ultra-violet, and it’s when you are exposed to UV, that the melanocytes ramp up into gear and start producing the melanin. One of the more obvious products of increased melanin production are freckles.

Albinoism is a direct result of a lack of melanin. But as well as a being a skin pigmentation, melanin also performs another couple of important functions. It also absorbs and stores heat. This is particularly important to reptiles for example who use their melanin to store heat gained from the sun to allow their body temperatures to escalate. The other important function that melanin looks after is your vision. It actually limits the number of light rays that are allowed into your eye, and as such is responsible for making your eyesight that much sharper.

But I digress. Getting back to melanin and its relationship to UV – When you age, and in the process you soak up more UV, the eventual result is that your melanin causes liver spots to form. This will happen to the parts of your body that get most exposure, and that is one of the reasons that you often find liver spots appearing on the back of your hands.

Most people find the appearance of liver spots to be abhorrent. It’s very much the age related connotations that many find so distasteful. But the good news is that liver spots are eminently treatable with the right skin care products.

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