Natural Skin Care: Looking Beautiful Without Chemicals

use truly natural skin care products

When it comes to our looks and how we take care of ourselves, we want only the best. The problem is that the environments we live in can wreck havoc on our body. It can cause skin diseases, blemishes and other nasty looking things to appear. When using products full of chemicals and man-made formulae you may not be able to rid yourself of these problems and that’s where natural skin care products can help.

Skin care products can aid in the health of your skin. “Natural” refers to any care product or activity that can complement your health rather than detract from it by using anything that is not man-made. This would include diet, exercise and use of skin care products.

Diet is a natural way to keep yourself looking good in many different ways, including skin care. Some foods are more prone to cause acne breakouts (such as sugars), for instance, than others. Flaxseeds, fiber and apples are a good start – and don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

There are a few natural ingredients that you can look for in the different products you may purchase. Lavender can help with acne; its oil can speed up recovery from burns as well as aid in replenishing. Macadamia nut oil can act as sebum does and retains moisture while protecting the skin. Shea butter is another hydrating ingredient and can help clear up wounds and skin injuries. Olive oil is similar to Vitamin E which helps stave off free radials, leaving your skin looking youthful. You can find a natural exfoliator in lemon.

These types of care products should carry other natural substances that aren’t grown like nuts and flowers but are important nonetheless. Collagen, for instance, when used properly will help the skin stay younger looking. CoQ10 is an excellent supplement and one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market. This will also reduce wrinkles.

Along with what to use, there is a good list of ingredients not to use. Some ingredients found in skin care products have taunted for a long time how good they are for you. The problem is, this may necessarily not be true to fact.

Some ingredients have been found to perhaps cause cancers. Acrylamide is in face and hand creams and may cause breast cancer. Dioxane is a synthetic version of coconut and in California has been found to promote the disease. There are several other ingredients to watch out for too including: mineral oil, nitrosamines, and DEA.

Have you ever had an allergic reaction on your skin and you couldn’t figure out why? Your skin care product may be the culprit. Parabens like ethyl paraben, propyl and methyl can also cause rashes.

Don’t forget as you use product on your skin the ingredients may eventually make it into your bloodstream. That is why it is also important to your health to use natural skin care products. With the right combination the natural ingredients will work in synergy with each other giving you the most beautiful skin imaginable.

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