Natural Skin Care Products vs. Regular Products

While millions of people all around the world are turning to natural skin care products, there are still many millions more who continue to place their trust in regular mainstream brands. The reason for this remains somewhat of a mystery, at least from a scientific/ clinical point of view, given that the benefits of natural products far outweigh the benefits of mainstream products. In fact, the vast majority of mainstream brands do more harm than good when applied to one’s skin. This can only mean one thing – big name brands remain popular simply because of clever marketing tactics.

Just a few days ago, the UK’s advertizing standards watchdog banned a skin care television advert featuring Julia Roberts on the grounds that they found the advert to be misleading. They also banned another advert by the same company, this time featuring Christy Turlington, once again, because the advert was deemed to be misleading. In both instances, images of the models were digitally enhanced beyond “acceptable” levels. Will consumers stop buying these products, now that they know any results they get will be nothing like the adverts suggested?

Ironically enough, the company in question has had adverts banned in the past, and yet consumers continue to buy their products. In my opinion, misleading advertising is similar to a slap in the face, and there is simply no way I would ever consider buying the products of a company that repeatedly slaps me in the face. Having said that, I personally wouldn’t dream of using any product on my skin unless I was 100% sure it contains absolutely no chemicals, and unfortunately, I doubt such a product even exists between the regular brand names.

range of natural beauty products

Now, perhaps many people are quite happy to use products which being promoted via misleading adverts, but what about all the finer details which aren’t included in the adverts, such as the various ingredients being used. Sure they may mention one or two ingredients in the adverts, but most will never be mentioned, apart from in the fine print on the packaging. I’m sure the makers of natural skin care products, such as Xtend-Life, also, to a certain extent, rely on digitally enhanced images for their advertizing, but the difference is, their focus won’t be on glamorous advertizing campaigns in the first place.

Okay, let’s forget the advertizing and focus on ingredients. Many of the big name brands are so desperate for consumers to see almost immediate results when they use their products, because they know that if they do, they’ll almost certainly continue using the products. What ingredients go into the products, and what harmful effects they can have are of little importance, so long as the end product delivers results.

Not convinced yet? That’s quite understandable, but before you continue harming your skin, use Google to research the different ingredients mentioned on your favorite mainstream skin care lotion. You’ll notice many of them have been linked to serious health problems, including depression, anxiety, insomnia, kidney damage, and even cancer.

Now do the same research regarding the natural skin care products made by a company like Xtend-Life. The difference is likely to leave you speechless. In fact, the company’s products are so safe, you wouldn’t even become ill if you ate them, and that certainly says a lot. Admittedly, nobody is likely to eat their creams and lotions, but bear in mind that if something can be absorbed by the skin, it eventually reaches the bloodstream – take nicotine patches for example.

Regardless of what the leading brands tell you, products containing chemicals are not going to provide long lasting results, so before you decide to put your health at risk, and before you decide to spend a small fortune on skin care products that don’t work, I seriously recommend that you look for a safer alternative such as the Xtend-Life range of natural beauty products.

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