Oily Skin Treatment – Truth On Facial Cleansers

An effective oily skin treatment should rank high on the agenda of anyone who has the desire to keep their face looking beautifully young and free of unsightly blemishes, and of course this doesn’t only apply to women either. It also doesn’t only apply to those who have excessively oily skin, bearing in mind that unless you have some strange type of medical condition; glands in your skin are constantly producing oil.

This oil is of course very important in terms of having a healthy skin, but when there’s too much, it can most certainly become problematic. Oily skin is quite often the biggest culprit in cases of severe acne, and it is also partly to blame for large pores. In a perfect world, the oil produced within the layers of skin would move up through the various layers, and then eventually pass through the pores, at which point it would be distributed in such a way so as to cover the entire surface area of one’s skin.

good oily skin treatments are essential

Obviously, in a perfect world, there would be no motor vehicles polluting the air around us, and there would be no industrial pollution billowing into the environment from countless factories and refineries. So, I guess it’s safe to say we live in a world which is nowadays far from being perfect. No matter whether you hardly even set foot outdoors, a considerable amount of contaminated dirt and grime will inevitably settle on your skin. If you’re skeptical, why not do a little test so you can see for yourself?

The next time you get home from work, take a white tissue and then wipe your face, including your nose, the area around your eyes, and also your brow. I can assure, you’ll more than likely be horrified, although in truth, you needn’t be. After all, the oil which your body so cleverly produced has managed to trap all that dirt and prevent it from getting into your skin. Also, the minute you wash your face in the shower, all that greasiness and dirt will be washed away, so surely there’s no reason for concern?

Unfortunately there is reason for concern, since the vast majority of soaps shouldn’t ever be used for cleaning your face. Ideally, they shouldn’t be used at all, but especially not on your face as an oily skin treatment. Countless people feel they are doing the right thing by using brand name antibacterial soaps. While this may seem like a sensible approach, it’s certainly not an approach I’d recommend. The key antibacterial ingredients in these soaps are trichlocarban and triclosan. These are two very serious chemicals, and alarmingly, they’re found in almost all name brand products we have in our bathrooms. Not only have studies proven they disrupt endocrine activity in the body, but they also pose a huge threat to the environment. The only sort of facial cleanser I would ever recommend, would be one which is 100% chemical free. In fact, all the skin care products you use should be free of chemicals, such as those one finds in the Xtend-Life range.

Wouldn’t you feel so much better if you knew all the products you’re using in your oily skin treatment regimen are so safe and so pure, you could actually even eat them without having to fear for your life?

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