The Reason Why You Want Pore Minimizing Products

pore minimizing products

When it comes to having big pores, you need to remember that they were not always big, and in fact, you more than likely only started noticing them when you were about 25 years old. If you have big pores, you’ve probably read or been told that it’s due to poor personal hygiene, or because you often touch your face with dirty hands? Well, both of these reasons are misleading, and you need to know this before you start shopping around for pore minimizing products.

In truth, there are several things which can be responsible for a person having big pores. For example, it could be hereditary, it can be caused by certain drugs, it can be caused by alcohol abuse, and of course it can also be caused by a poor diet. Irrespective of what the root cause is, big pores make it impossible for one to have nice youthful looking skin, and many people, especially women, will go to great lengths in order to conceal big pores. Unfortunately, many also choose the most hazardous solution of all – they simply apply a ton of makeup in a bid to cover the pores.

While makeup can certainly cover big pores, it also makes the situation a lot worse. Skin is a living organ, and it relies on having open pores. When copious amounts of makeup are applied, you’re essentially sealing the pores, and to make matters worse, you’re actually sealing them with a substance which in truth shouldn’t be on your skin in the first place.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to buying pore minimizing products, is you need to establish the reason why you have big pores. For example, if your pores have become blocked, or restricted due to dirt or grime (including makeup), your skin will increase the size of the pores so that oils produced within the body can reach the outer layers of skin. In this type of scenario, thorough facial cleansing should be adequate enough to restore your pores to their normal size. However, no matter how tempting it may be, you must never ever use any harsh cleansing agents on your skin, and as strange as it might seem, many common soaps are in fact too harsh.

Are you the type of person who is literally obsessed with your face? If so, there’s a strong possibility that you’re frequently squeezing your pores in order to rid them of dirt. While this may seem like the right thing to do, it’s actually counterproductive. The more you squeeze your skin, the more chance there is of introducing dirt and bacteria, not to mention the fact that frequent squeezing also destroys the natural elasticity of skin.

If you have big pores, then there’s no doubting the fact that pore minimizing products are your best option, but of course not all products are created equal. For instance, any products containing chemicals should be avoided, no matter what the manufacturers tell you. The skin is not designed to withstand chemicals, and while they may be able to clear your pores by dissolving whatever it is that’s clogging them, what else are these chemicals doing to your skin and the rest of your body.

Someone once said to me, “if you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your face”, and while this may seem a bit over the top, it actually makes a lot of sense. And, in case you’re curious now, a few manufacturers will gladly stand behind their claims that their products are safe enough to eat, and if you ask me, that says a lot.

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