Premature Aging – 3 Tips To Really Look Young When You Are Young

One of the common concerns for most people when it comes to the subject of skin care is the topic of removing dark under eye circles. The presence of dark circles around the eyes can instantly add a few years to a person’s actual age as it gives away that stressed and tired look in the eyes. Do you want to know how you can avoid the signs of premature aging? Then here are 3 facts about dark under eye circles that you should definitely take note of.

how to avoid the signs of premature aging

What causes dark under eye circles?

Dark circles around the eye area can be caused by a myriad of factors. Constant exposure to stress can cause it, so can inadequate sleep. But scientifically speaking, discoloration around the eye area happens when the skin starts to thin, which makes the hemoglobin build up underneath the eye area much more visible. Also, since the capillaries around the eyes are considered to be very fragile and have the tendency to break easily, poor blood circulation can also cause unsightly dark circles.

Is it true that the skin around the eyes require special care?

If you’re determined to get rid of the dark circles around your eyes, it’s important that you know that this sensitive area requires very special care. Cucumber slices can only do so much in cooling the eye area while popular whitening formulations that contain whitening ingredients is not going to cure the darkening since they are only effective in dealing with melanin. Opt for products that are known to promote healthy blood circulation instead and you’ll be able to combat premature aging for good.

What are the essential ingredients to look for in creams that can effectively combat premature aging?

What you need are ingredients that have the power to effectively resolve the under eye problem area. First, to combat the problem of fluid and hemoglobin build up make sure that you use an eye serum that contains the two innovative ingredients called eyeliss and haloxyl. Second, to add thickness to the thinning skin, you need the powers of Xtend TK and Phytessence wakame extract to give your skin that very much-needed boost of collagen and elastin. These natural ingredients are the building blocks in stimulating new skin tissues to be regenerated. Essentially as new skin tissues form, these potent ingredients will be responsible in reducing fine lines and wrinkles aside from just removing dark under eye circles.

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