Sagging Skin – Causes and Treatments for Under-Eye Sagging

No one likes sagging skin and one of the most common places where this occurs is around the eyes. Although this may not seem like a big deal, bags or sagging under the eyes can end up making you look much older than you really are. Removing them can give your face quick transformation that will make you look years younger. If you are dealing with this problem and you want to eliminate those under eye bags, here is a look at the causes and treatments for this problem that so often occurs among women.

What Causes the Under Eye Bags?

You may be wondering what causes this type of sagging skin in the first place. This is a common problem and there are a variety of different factors that can cause this problem to occur. One of the most common causes of this problem is loss of skin elasticity as you age. As collagen breaks down and the body stops producing as much elastin, skin can begin to sag. Often this occurs first in the eye area.

In some cases, not getting enough sleep can cause these under eye bags to occur as well. There is definitely something to the idea of “beauty sleep,” since the lack of sleep can drastically affect your skin. Other less common causes for baggy eyes include gaining weight, sinus infections, and problems with fluid retention.

Treating and Eliminating Under Eye Sagging

Now that you understand what can cause under eye sagging to occur, you probably want to know how you can treat and eliminate this type of sagging skin. You’ll find that there are many simple home remedies that can provide you with a short term solution. For example, you can use cold compresses on your eyes, which helps to eliminate some of the swelling in the area that causes this area to sag. Green tea bags are another option that many women swear by when treating under eye bags.

Some women decide to treat eye bags with botox or even surgery, which are more drastic treatment options. However, both of these options are not only drastic, but they are very expensive as well. one of the best ways that you can eliminate the problem is to use special under eye creams that are designed to plump skin, eliminate fluid retention, and get rid of the sagging that occurs in this area.

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