Simple Tips To Keep Skin Healthy, Fresh and Youthful

simple ways for keeping skin healthy

Keeping skin healthy, smooth, and youthful does not have to be an effort in futility. Provided, of course, you know the best ways of caring for the skin, what it needs to be at its healthiest, and what you must be sure to avoid.

The skin is our body’s first line of defense serving as a barrier from all the elements. To keep it as healthy as possible we must put forth some effort into its care and do our part to protect it.

Just as the body does as a whole, the skin also needs nourished to stay healthy and function properly. Treating the skin with the right blend of nutrients is essential. Equally as important is strictly avoiding harsh ingredients or substances that can damage the intricate cell structure of the skin.

Naturally, skin needs to be kept clean but most soaps and cleansers are far too strong especially for delicate facial skin. Avoid using hot water and limit the time you spend taking hot showers which can strip the natural oils from our skin. Blot the skin with a soft towel afterward instead of vigorously rubbing it dry allowing some moisture to remain.

Every few weeks the skin should be treated with an extra deep but mild cleanser to remove the inevitable build up of toxins that occurs. Deep cleansing treatments should be able to remove dirt, oils, and grime effectively but without harming or drying out the skin.

A deep penetrating moisturizer is also needed for maintaining soft, smooth supple skin that defies the ravages of time. A good moisturizer can sooth irritated skin, replenish much needed moisture that has been lost, and even keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Choose a moisturizer intended for your skin type or one that is formulated to be effective on all types featuring all natural ingredients. Shea butter, which is a natural emollient and moisturizer all in one, soothes the skin, reduces inflammation, and offers soft, luxurious results.

Collagen, a protein that along with elastin gives the skin its firmness, strength, and flexibility, naturally decreases in our skin as we age. Fortunately we can replenish some of what is lost by using products that stimulate the growth of collagen. Use a restorative product biologically formulated to combat the aging process and stop the degradation of collagen.

Faithfully using sunscreen is also imperative for protecting the skin not only for appearance sake but also for reducing the risk of skin cancer. Likewise, avoid cigarette smoke which also ages the skin and contributes toward many types of cancers but most especially lung cancer.

Remember that keeping skin healthy will definitely take some effort on your part but the ample rewards are more than worth it. You will not only look better, but feel better as well giving you the confidence you deserve. Our skin says a lot about us and our health so it only makes perfect sense to take excellent care of it throughout our whole lives.

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