Stretch Mark Removal – Should You Go Under Knife?

Stretch mark removal is something millions of people think about on a daily basis. Whether your stretch marks are a result of pregnancy, or whether they’re because you’ve lost a lot of weight, you need to know that you can make them disappear. Many people think that once you have stretch marks, you have them for life unless you go for one or other cosmetic procedure. If this what you believe, then please do yourself a favor and read the next few paragraphs before you make up your mind.

Going Under the Knife to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

If you’ve browsed my website or read any of my other articles, you’ll already know that I’m strongly opposed to any form of skin care which isn’t natural. However, I will admit that in certain circumstances, surgery may very well be the best option, but it’s certainly not the best option for stretch mark removal. No, I’m not about to tell you surgery is incredibly dangerous, because while all surgery does come with a few risks, the procedure for stretch mark removal is actually a very straightforward one.

Okay, we know that surgery is relatively safe, and we also know the results are virtually instantaneous. What we don’t is – will the surgery achieve the desired results. Things can and do go wrong from time to time, and while such a problem may not be life threatening, it could leave you with some serious dis-figuration.

One of the most crucial questions you must ask is whether stretch mark removal is so important to you that it actually warrants going under the knife. This is particularly important, given that you can get rid of stretch marks without surgery, although admittedly, it will take considerably longer. You also need to think whether or not your situation justifies such a huge expense. Regardless of what certain adverts imply, all types of cosmetic surgery are expensive, and because there are deemed to be essential procedures, there’s virtually no chance of being able to claim the money back from your health insurance.

stretch marks removal without surgery

Stretch Marks and Laser Treatment

It would be wrong to say laser treatment cannot ever get rid of stretch marks, because scores of people have had laser treatment and experienced outstanding results. Having said that, there’s still no guarantee you’ll be free of stretch marks, and considering just how much a single session costs, this is certainly a treatment reserved predominantly for the rich. Don’t forget, even if each and every session is deemed to be successful, you’ll still need to go to countless sessions before all signs of stretch marks are gone.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks the Natural Way

While the natural approach may take longer, it has several benefits. First and foremost, natural treatments are tremendously more affordable than surgery. Secondly, while risks may be minimal with surgery, they’re completely non-existent when it comes to natural remedies. Thirdly, certain natural products, such as those offered by Xtend-Life’s Age Defying Body Lotion, won’t only help you to get rid of your stretch marks, but they’ll help to improve the overall condition of your skin. The Jojoba Oil present in the Active Body Lotion will reduce wrinkles and stretch marks. Tens of thousands of people have already benefited from these treatments, and it’s certainly not because they contain some or other highly guarded secret ingredient. Instead, they’ve simply been designed to assist the body’s natural repair mechanism.

One of the things I like most about Xtend-Life is the fact that they have experts on hand to answer questions in real time, unlike the customer service centers of other manufacturers where, if you’re lucky, you get to leave a message in the hope that someone might just return your call.

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