Wrinkle Cream To Prevent Appearance of New Wrinkles

When you’re in search of the ultimate wrinkle cream, you have to accept the fact that your decisions cannot always be based on cost alone. On the one hand, buying the most expensive cream you can find is not going to guarantee you that you’ve got the ultimate “age defying” cream, and on the other hand, buying the cheapest one you can find is without a doubt a recipe for disaster.

People so often say you get what you pay for, and while this is certainly true most of the time, it doesn’t always apply when it comes to buying skin care products. Sure, if a manufacturer uses the very best ingredients there are, and they include those ingredients in sufficient quantities, the end result is not going to be all that cheap. Even so, at least you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your wrinkle cream has tried and tested ingredients which have been scrutinized in several clinical studies.

Now, when it comes to many of the regular main street brands (even those that cost a small fortune), you don’t always get what you pay for. If you’re like me, you expect to get value for your money, in that if you pay a fair price, you expect a good quality product. With most big name brands however, a king’s ransom is spent on advertizing, and that money will have to be recovered one way or another.

the ultimate wrinkle cream

Let’s just say you and I both decide to manufacture identical anti aging creams consisting of the very best ingredients, and the ingredients are present in exactly the same concentrations. After the manufacturing process is complete, we calculate all our expenses up until that point, and then we both add 10% onto the top of that for the sake of profits. At this point, we are both able to sell our cream for let’s say, ten fifty dollars per tube. Now, if you were to go and invest tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars on advertising, you’d run at a loss.

So, when your overheads are so high, how do you ensure the company can still make a profit? The answer is simple – either use cheaper inferior ingredients, or else reduce the concentration of the ingredients substantially. This is exactly what most big name brands do. They continue to use certain ingredients because they want to mention those ingredients on their packaging, but they’ll be included in concentrations so small, they’re essentially ineffective.

The ideal wrinkle cream shouldn’t only be designed to combat existing wrinkles, but it should also strive to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. It should nourish one’s skin, it should moisturize one’s skin, and it so aim to boost elasticity and suppleness. These are goals which can only be achieved by using the right ingredients, and using those ingredients in adequate concentrations. If you take a look at the Xtend-Life skin care products, you’ll notice they contain only the very best ingredients, and you’ll also notice the absence of “filler” ingredients such as mineral oil and etc. In fact, there are no chemicals used in any of their products, thereby making them amongst the safest skin care products in the world.

If you’re serious about caring for your skin, and you want products that are effective, safe, and genuine value for money, you should seriously consider moving away from using the regular mainstream brands, and instead, use products which are good enough to come with an unconditional “money-back” guarantee.

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