Wrinkled Feet May Be a Part of Growing Old

As if it’s not bad enough having to face facial lines and wrinkles, and now we end up having to deal with wrinkled feet as well. Many people believe the face and hands are the first areas of the body to start showing signs of aging, but in truth, this is simply because many people don’t really pay much attention to their feet. For many, it’s a case of “out of sight and out of mind”, and yet who in their right mind would want to sport open shoes when your feet look like dried prunes.

Of course, no matter how well you look after your feet, they are still going to become wrinkled, but as with other areas of your body, a little bit of proper care can go a long way in slowing the process down. One of the most important things to remember is that your skin is a living organ, and in order to keep it healthy and looking it’s best, you need to take a two pronged approach. In other words, don’t only think about the surface of your skin.

wrinkled feet may be a part of growing old

For example, your diet probably doesn’t include enough fatty acids which are vital for optimum skin health. Many people have seen noticeable improvements in skin tone within just a few days of them taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Wheat germ oil and rice bran will also work wonders for your skin, as will a range of other minerals and nutrients. A fully balanced diet, or if need be, a supplemented diet, will take good care of your skin from the inside, which of course allows you then to focus on the outside.

Wrinkled feet are almost always accompanied by dry skin, and this is where your initial focus should be. You should ideally be using an all-natural exfoliating product on your feet at least two to three times per week in order to remove dead surface skin. This is even more important if you spend a lot of time wearing closed shoes. When you’re wearing shoes, your feet perspire profusely, and this, together with all the dead skin cells, makes an ideal environment for harmful bacteria. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that harmful bacteria are not going to do anything whatsoever to help you keep your feet wrinkle free. To the contrary, bacteria will encourage premature aging of your feet, which is why you need to keep them both clean and dry.

It’s also imperative that you apply a good quality foot cream at least once or twice each day. This should preferably be in the mornings before you go to work, and then again at night just before you go to bed. You also need to bear in mind that because of the very nature of one’s feet, a regular moisturizer is for the most part ineffective. You need a product which has been formulated specifically for wrinkled feet, or one which is known to be very effective. You should also make a point of avoiding any creams and lotions which contain any form of chemicals. These may soften your skin and smooth out wrinkles, but the results won’t be long lasting, and in fact, such creams can cause more harm in the long run.

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