Discover Everything Regarding Wrinkled Fingertips

When you think about wrinkled fingertips, you tend to associate this with taking a bath, or perhaps with swimming. We all know that when you lay in the bath for a while you end up with wrinkled fingertips, and the exact same thing happens when you’ve spent some time in the pool. It can also happen if you’re wearing wet gloves, but in all of these cases, the wrinkles disappear relatively quickly in the absence of water.

In many cases however, people basically live with wrinkled fingertips permanently, and many are oblivious as to what causes this. Rather than being some sort of strange condition, the cause is actually blatantly obvious. Just stop for a minute and think of all the stress your hands are faced with on a daily basis. In fact, your hands and fingers are without a doubt the most over-worked parts of your body. Your hands, and particularly your fingers, literally don’t get a single minute’s rest from the time you open your eyes in the morning, until the time you drift off to sleep at night.

Not only are your fingers busy performing a multitude of tasks each day, but they’re also frequently in contact with soaps, detergents, and a plethora of harmful chemicals, including things such as makeup and etc. As you can see, it’s hardly surprising many people end up with wrinkled fingertips, especially if they’re failing to take proper care of their hands and fingers.

Wrinkled fingertips are also a common sign of aging, and in many cases, the wrinkles will start appearing shortly after facial wrinkles start appearing. Understandably, wrinkles on your fingertips can have an impact on the way things feel when you touch them, and besides, they also don’t look very nice. Fortunately, there are steps one can take in order to get of the wrinkles, but the important thing is for you to begin taking these steps as soon as possible, or else the wrinkles may become too pronounced.

get rid of wrinkled fingertips

Step 1 – Use a Good Quality Skin Moisturizer

Using a good quality moisturizer is your very first line of defense. While you can get moisturizers designed specifically for use on hands, any good skin moisturizer will do. Of course, because your hands are in constant use throughout the day, it’s best to apply the moisturizer at least twice a day, or even more often if need be.

Step 2 – Use a Good Wrinkle Cream

Many people advocate using a wrinkle cream not only at night before bed, but also during the day. Personally, I feel this is a bit extravagant considering the fact that wrinkle creams can be quite costly, and besides, I’m not convinced they will help much if applied during the day since your hands are in constant use.

Step 3 – Protect Your Hands from Chemicals

If you don’t use kitchen gloves when you wash dishes, start doing so now. Also make a point of wearing gloves when you do any sort of tasks which involve you having to touch chemicals, and this includes working in the garden, washing the car, etc.

With a little bit of effort on your part, and with the help of a good quality skin care product, you can get rid of wrinkled fingertips, and you can get rid of them permanently. Just bear in mind, coming into contact with chemicals is the worse thing you can do, and that includes all chemicals, even those which are present in many moisturizers.

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