Age Gracefully the Natural Way

Aging is one of those events in our lives no one can avoid. The particular genetic makeup of each individual will determine how quickly age affects them, but there are also ways to slow the aging process somewhat. There are entire industries built upon the sale of anti-aging products, but a natural approach is probably more effective.

Nicotine is very harmful, and if you are a smoker you will shorten your life considerably. After only a few years your lungs will show a buildup of tar and the capacity to breath properly will be compromised. On top of that, nicotine will affect heart function and you will be at risk for a heart attack relatively early in your life. There are also visible effects of smoking including coarse skin, wrinkles around the mouth, and nicotine stains on your fingers.

Skin cancer has become a real threat nowadays, and sun screen products are available with SPF ratings starting as low as 10 and available all the way too 100 and more. Nearly everyone should make sure their skin is protected from the sun, either with clothing or sun screen, when they are outdoors. The mid-day hours are the most dangerous so be especially careful then.

When you are asleep your body is not only resting but also working to heal itself. Research has shown adults should get at least seven hours of sleep each night, and teenagers even more. Rapid growth in the teen years demands more sleep for the younger generation.

Stress creates many health issues for our bodies. Although stress can be difficult to avoid in the fast paced world we live in, there are ways to avoid some of it and reduce the effects of the rest. Work at creating a calmer lifestyle by organizing your everyday life to be lower in stress. Allowing plenty of time to get to work each morning is a good way to start. Planning the details of your life in advance as much as possible will also help.

Exercise and good nutrition will play an important role in your longevity. We all know our bodies respond to exercise by building more muscle and losing fat. Obesity is a significant health problem now and carrying too much weight can destroy your otherwise healthy body. Make sure you are eating healthy foods and get as much activity and exercise into your life as possible. Prevention of health problems is a better plan than attempting to fix them after the fact.

Although some people will require prescription medications to manage their health issues, it is better if you can avoid taking them. Most prescriptions include a list of possible side effects, and some of them are quite alarming. Attempt to keep your body healthy with good nutrition, proper exercise and less stress, and you may be able to avoid prescriptions longer.

Use the advice and tips in this article to maintain your healthy body. You will not only age gracefully, but you will enjoy life for a longer time than those who do not use this information.

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