All About Aging Well: The Secrets to Growing Older Gracefully

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Maintaining your appearance is one of the biggest dilemmas you will have to face as you grow older. After all, no one wants to give in to the ravages of time or look older than they have to. On the other hand, seeming desperate to hang onto your youthful appearance can make you even more unattractive than simply getting older. That can make doing anything to fight the effects of aging seem like a very unappealing prospect. You don’t have to give up on maintaining your appearance to age with elegance, however. Here are a few tips on aging well that could help.

Choose Gentle Cleansers

Getting your skin really clean using a powerful soap or detergent bar can feel good for a little while, but there’s a good chance it’ll result in itching and dryness, followed by overproduction of your skins natural oils. Over time, this harsh treatment can stretch the skin and encourage it to sag and look much older.

Instead of relying on bath bars full of damaging chemicals, consider a gentler product like Xtend-Life Foaming facial cleanser. The cleanser you choose should remove dirt without stripping away natural oils. It should also help you maintain a natural pH balance and avoid irritating ingredients that can accelerate the aging process.

Deal Well with Stress

Surprisingly, many people actually age very well even though they live stressful lives. Studies have shown that stress itself isn’t the cause of wrinkles and deep lines in your skin. The way you deal with stress, however, can greatly affect the way you age. According to the ongoing Harvard Study of Adult Development, people who work to maintain good coping skills and who have strong social relationships are healthier, happier and less likely to show strong signs of aging. If you deal with a lot of stress, make sure you’re handling it in a healthy way to ensure a better chance of aging well.

Eat a Healthy Anti Aging Diet

Food has an enormous effect on the way we look and feel throughout our lives, but the effect gets even stronger as we age. That’s why it’s so important to stick to a healthy diet full of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Doctors at the National Institutes of Health also recommend keeping an eye on your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other health indicators. Keeping your whole body healthy won’t just make it easier to live longer. It also reduces the tension and cellular damage that make age so visible on your face and hands.

Choose a Tailored Exercise Routine

Everyone knows that exercise is one of the most important factors in good physical and mental healthy, but many people don’t know how to use exercise to help them age with grace. To really stay fit as you get older, it’s important to adjust your exercise plan appropriately. Being unable to maintain the same level of activity that you could when you were 25 might make it tempting to slow things down. This can lead to weight gain and muscle loss that could make you look decades older than you really are. Talk to your doctor, physical therapist, or a personal trainer to design the plan that’s right for you.

Focus on Hydration

Water helps keep our systems operating correctly and encourages firm, youthful-looking skin. When you get dehydrated, your skin sags and develops creases and deep lines. To avoid this problem, make sure you drink plenty of water every day and avoid diuretics such as caffeine. Don’t forget to keep moisture in from the outside, too. Using a simple moisturizer or a reparative product like Xtend-Life restorative night cream can help you avoid losing moisture and keep your skin in excellent condition, even as you grow older.

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