Basic Information, Prevention and Treatments for Liver Spots or Age Spots

Liver spots are also known as age spots which look like brown-black spots on the skin. Even though they are known as Liver spots, this kind of skin condition has nothing to do with the liver or liver function. This kind of dark spots are often caused by over exposure to the sun’s UV rays. The rays of the sun can trigger the production of melanin of the skin. Melanin is the pigment that provides the natural color of the skin. Excess melanin on the skin will be reflected on your skin as dark spots or age spots.

Usually, these dark spots do not easily appear on the skin. They are called age spots because they often appear during the age of 40 or above. They are considered as a sign of aging. Usually, you can find these dark spots on the back of the hands, face, forearms, forehead and shoulders.

protect your skin from liver spots

How can you tell if you already have dark spots? You can see a flat patch in the skin that is usually dark in color. They differ in color depending on the color of the skin. If you have a fair skin, they are often seen as dark spots and if you have a darker skin, they appear to be black spots. Also, they are not like bruises because these spots are painless.

Basically, there are no exams or tests performed to know if the dark spots on your skin are actually age spots. You can already tell them by their appearance. However, if the dark spot seems irregular or it appeared earlier, visit your doctor immediately to confirm that it is not skin cancer.

For a lot of people, dark spots are not a big deal especially if it is not located on the face. However, most of the women try to eliminate them. One of the best and probably the cheapest way to remove dark spots from the skin is using skin lotions and creams. It is advisable to use creams and lotions that are made from all natural ingredients. They do not produce any kind of negative side effects to the skin so they are perfectly safe to use. If you will be using other creams or lotions, make sure that you ask your health care provider first. If you have a lot of money and you prefer to eliminate them faster, you can also consider freezing (cryotherapy) or laser treatment to destroy age spots.

Age spots are harmless and painless as well. They are not medically dangerous since they are only permanent changes on the skin. It is only part of the concerns of women who want to keep their skin fair and smooth.

For prevention, try to avoid the rays of the sun as much as possible. Try to use hats, long sleeved shirts or pants to avoid direct contact from the sun. You can also use sunglasses to help protect the skin around your eyes. Also use sun screens to protect your skin from liver spots.

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