Different Factors that Affect the Development of Broken Capillaries on Face

Broken capillaries on face are easy to spot especially on the face since they appear like bruises. The tiny veins on the face twist, break and dilate creating a red, bruise like spot on the face. However, when compared to bruises, they do not disappear overtime. Also, they are very hard to treat. As a matter of fact, even laser treatment and injection removal is not 100 percent sure of removing broken capillaries on face.

remove broken capillaris on face

If you are thinking about preventive measures, then there are a couple of factors that can help you prevent this kind of skin problem. Since the skin on the face is not as thick as the skin in the other parts of the body, the tiny veins on the face can easily be damaged. Once they are damaged, they will stay like that and they will not return back to normal or repair themselves. If you want to prevent this skin problem, do not scrub your face vigorously. You can end up damaging these tiny veins. Also, avoid washing your face with water that is too hot. If you will be using warm water, make sure that it is not too hot. Too much exposure to the sun and facial injuries may also lead to broken capillaries.

There are also other factors that are not preventable. As you age, your skin also gets thinner. Because of this, the veins can easily be seen on your face. Also, it is more susceptible to damage when you start aging. This condition is also hereditary. Well, this is something that you really cannot avoid. If this condition already runs on your family, any preventive measure will not provide any help to you. The only option is treatments.

It is also said that taking too much alcohol can also result in broken capillaries on your face. If you are already consuming alcohol for a long time, your blood pressure can increase and it can cause the veins on your face to dilate. When dilation repeatedly happens, the veins may lock on their position. Also, there are times when broken capillaries are due to liver damage. This often occurs after years of continuous consumption of alcohol.

You can take preventive measures to help lessen the chance of having broken capillaries. Be gentle when you are washing your face and check the water if it is too hot. Apply sun screen on your face if you are planning to go out on a sunny day. Do not abuse alcohol. Try to drink moderately. Well, these preventive measures can be effective but they will not totally prevent the occurrence of broken capillaries. They can only lessen the chance of obtaining this kind of skin problem.

There are a lot of treatments available but not all of them are capable of totally removing broken capillaries. Broken capillaries on face can be treated and you can prevent it but you need to be knowledgeable about the products and methods that can effectively remove it.

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