Different Tips and Guidelines to Increase the Production of Collagen and Other Proteins

There are three important elements that are needed to keep your skin healthy and young and collagen is one of these elements. This protein together with keratins and hyaluronic acid keeps the skin young and healthy. They work together to do the task and absence of the other may cause a lot of skin problems.

Basically, most of the people who are already on their 40s develop skin problems like sagging skin, wrinkles and age spots. This is actually the result of the decreasing production of collagen in the body. Because of this, a lot of people especially women are looking for ways on how to increase the supply of this protein in the body. Here are some of the tips that you can consider if you want to maintain the good health and vibrant glow of your skin.

guidelines to increase the production of collagen

First, this protein cannot be supplemented by using a cream or any product that contains the protein. You can find a couple of products claiming that they can help supply the protein by including them in the ingredients of the creams and lotions. Actually, the molecules of this protein are too large and they cannot be absorbed by the skin. It means that products with this protein as their ingredient will not provide any benefits.

Instead of looking for creams with this protein, try to look for products that can help trigger the production of this protein. You can look for supplements that can provide vitamin C, L-glutamine and L-proline. They are the known nutrients that can help in the production of this protein. You can include them in your diet or look for supplements that can help provide these nutrients.

Second, free radicals can damage these proteins and other cellular membranes. Now that you already know how to produce these proteins, the next step will be to protect them. Aside from aging, there are also other factors that may damage it. Free radicals can damage it and one of the main culprits is the UV rays from the sun. The only way to battle these free radicals are antioxidants.

Third, you can supply keratin levels. They also lower once you start aging. Of course, they are also part of the most important elements in the skin so you also need to do something about this protein. Actually, there are now keratin supplements that can help increase the amount of protein inside the body.

Fourth, protect the levels of hyaluronic acid inside the body. They also decrease as you age and they are one of the most important elements of a young and healthy skin. This is another protein that you can supplement but not because of the size of its molecules. There is an enzyme that breaks it down when you add it to the body. Try to look for products that can trigger the production of these proteins.

These are some of the tips that you can consider if you want to keep your skin healthy. Always remember that collagen together with keratin and hyaluronic acid can help you maintain a youthful glow.

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