Facial Exercises – A Simple Way to Look Years Younger

Wrinkles and age lines are a woman’s worst nightmare. Anti aging skin care becomes the top priority as soon as a woman turns 30. That is the wise time to start taking good care of your aging skin. In thirties, most women have young looking skins but if proper care is not taken, the change is drastic and quick.

Over the counter anti aging skin care products are available for all skin types. These products are formulated to take care of all the problems of aging like dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. Though these products are effective but till a certain time. After that, women mostly turn towards more evasive methods such as face-lift and Botox.

The remarkable thing is that you can actually keep your skin looking younger and in a very good shape without opting for these evasive methods. Facial exercises are the perfect way to keep the skin of your face look younger and glowing. Exercise has countless benefits and keeps the body fit and healthy. Similarly, facial exercises help in keeping the skin of the face firm and toned.

Though many find the idea of facial exercises controversial and don’t think that it actually works, there is some truth to it. Just like people do Pilate or yoga to make their bodies look younger and healthy, why can’t facial exercise make the face look younger and healthier. A good exercise program when coupled with a balanced diet gives best results. Similarly, facial exercises coupled with eating the right kind of food for your skin can give you excellent results. This is the best anti aging skin care you can provide for your skin.

Raw fruits and vegetables, especially the green leafy ones are the best thing for your skin. Take a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Drink lots and lots of water. Water is the best way to make your skin look fresh, healthy, and glowing. Keep away from sun and use a sun block whenever you go out. Keep your skin really clean and moisturized.

Facial exercise routine is just like following any other exercise routine. You have to be regular and consistent. There are specialized exercises for different part of the face. These facial exercises tone up the muscles and lift the face giving a younger appearance. If you skip one day of your exercise routine, it would be like wasting the whole week’s workout.

The key to gaining results is being regular. You can choose a specific time for carrying out your facial exercises and stick to it as this will help you in becoming regular. All you need is ten minutes a day and once you have carried out your exercises for three weeks in a row, your brain will get so accustomed to them that you will be following the routine just like you brush your teeth every day.

There are lots of books available on this subject and the internet is full of all sorts of information. It is best that you read a lot of material about the pros and cons before you start doing facial exercises regularly.

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