Intrinsic Aging: The Natural Cause of Sagging Skin and Other Skin Problems

sagging skin

As you can see, sagging skin is one of the results of aging. The worst thing about this is that, you cannot prevent the occurrence of aging. It is actually a continuous process that often begins at the age of 20. However, during this age, the signs of aging are not yet noticeable. The changes occur inside the body. Inside the skin, the production of collagen and elastin slows down compared when you are on your teenage years. They become less flexible and saggy as the production of these two vitamins decreases. The dead skin cells do not quickly shed as well and the turnover of new skin cells become slower.

It may start on our 20s but the real signs of aging will only be visible on your skin once you reach the age of 40 and above. Sagging skin is one of the many results of aging. This kind of process is known as intrinsic aging. It is solely affected by the natural phenomenon known as aging and there are not environmental factors involved.

There are many other signs of aging that may occur on your skin so preventive measures must begin right away. The use of natural skin care products can be of big help to you. One you reach the age of 20, start using products that can help prevent the occurrence of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, pimples and others. Do not use chemically made skin care products because they can have negative effects on your skin.

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