Natural vs. Chemical Skin Bleaching

skin bleaching

Skin bleaching, skin whitening and skin lightening are used synonymously nowadays. All these terms refer to the use of artificial chemical or natural substances to make the skin tone lighter, to make the complexion of the skin look even and to make the patches, spots, or even unwanted hair invisible. This can be achieved by reducing the concentration of melanin in the skin. Skin bleaching is much more common in females than is in males. For years and years, there have been a lot of products that have been used for skin bleaching and they claim great results of lightening the complexion without harming the skin.

The oldest skin bleaching products came from chemical side. Such chemical bleaching creams were prepared carefully in the labs and that is why there was a common perception that they were of highest standards and safe to use on the skin. But contrary to the popular beliefs, some of these lab prepared bleaching and skin-lightening agents proved quite harmful for the skin and some of these chemicals were even toxic, which meant that they could not be used safely under any circumstances. However, chemical skin bleaching is still in use even today, but there are stricter measures and laws governing safety of the consumers under consumer rights.

For a long period of time, the psychological and market hegemony of lab prepared chemical skin bleaching creams could not be challenged, but once the world came to know about the danger involved in using chemical skin bleaching agents, the hegemony broke and people started reverting to other sources. Obviously, women could not give up the idea of looking more beautiful but they just stopped trying being beautiful at the cost of damaging their skins. This was the time when natural solutions for skin bleaching came up.

As evident from the name, natural skin bleaching solutions were made from a combination of products used in our kitchens daily. Their safety of use on skin was unquestionable as they are a part of our daily diet and there is nothing artificial or intoxicating about the materials that we use in our kitchens. This is why the natural skin bleaching solutions started selling off very quickly. With the decline of chemical bleaches, natural skin bleaching claimed its fame. Women and girls from all over the world showed their confidence and interest in such products and new solutions with improved ingredients started to come in with passing time.

Today the competition is still going on between the chemical and natural skin bleaching products. Each group has invested more and more into the research and claims their product to be the best. Nevertheless, it must be said that natural skin bleaching will always be preferable over chemicals. As natural solution works well for all skin types, it is not only non-toxic and harmless for the skin, but for the environment as well. Moreover, to add to all this, natural skin bleaching products are affordable in comparison to their chemical counterparts, due to the low cost of the ingredients used in making them.

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