Wrinkled Fingertips: Is it Really Temporary? Or it is Permanent?

wrinkled fingertips

Wrinkled fingertips are a kind of phenomenon that is caused by different factors and elements. People often disregard this kind of skin problem because they only see it as a temporary problem on the fingertips. It often happens when you stay long hours bathing on a pool, beach or bath tub. As a matter of fact, simply putting your hands on the water for a long time can already trigger the development of wrinkles on your fingertips. However, like what is said earlier, it is only temporary.

The problem starts when wrinkled fingertips appear even without soaking your hands in the water. When your hands are soaked in the water, the protective oil on your skin known as sebum is washed away and your skin absorbs water creating wrinkles on your fingertips. If you remove your hands from the water, it will return to its normal appearance after a few minutes.

It means that decrease in the production of sebum can cause permanent wrinkles on the fingertips. Some of the factors that may affect the production of sebum are the following:

  • Excessive usage of soap
  • Cold weather (can dry your skin)
  • Applying beauty products made from Synthetic materials
  • Exposure to free radicals and UV rays
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Genetic tendency for dry skin
  • Aging of the skin

The production of sebum is affected by these factors so you must be aware on the development of wrinkles on your fingertips. It is better if you can use some preventive measures to avoid them.

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