All About Pipka Santas and Christmas Gift Collectibles

During the Christmas season, it is difficult to not notice the abundance of collectible and well-crafted Santa Claus figures that seem to be in so many locations. Some of the most popular, and well-made, are called pipka‘s Santas. In this article, I will give you a little background on exactly who Pipka is, and, if you are a collector, you will understand why these Santas are so popular and why you should consider collecting them yourself.

Originally born in Germany, Pipka was only five years old when she came to America, settling in the northern part of the United States in North Dakota. Raised in an enormous Victorian house, the traditions of Christmas had a very positive effect on her, specifically in regard to images of Santa and art from Bavarian folk art painting. As her way of celebrating life post-World War II, she not only designs Santa Claus figures, but also angels, adding her unique talent first in paintings and sketches, which then take on a solid form in the cast resin pieces we all know so well.

Today, Pipka Santas and Angels are some of the most popular collectibles worldwide. Especially during the Christmas season, these images of angelic beings and father Christmas are sold worldwide, reflecting not only her own creativity and ingenuity, but the spirit of giving that the holiday season is all about. Some of her more popular figurines include A Gift to You Specialty Santa, Carousel Santa, and Pipka’s Memories of Christmas. The ornaments range from $20 to several hundred dollars apiece. The price itself is incidental, especially if you are an avid collector of the unique work of pipka, a collectible art form that is appreciated worldwide by so many. If you truly love collecting ornaments for the holiday season, you should now read more about Pipka.

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