Minimally Invasive Surgery Is Truly A Revolution In Medical Science

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Surgery performed on any part of the body is definitely traumatic. There used to be a time in the past when many of the surgeries were major surgeries. What I mean is that the surgeon had to make big incisions and cut open the body for the surgery and then stitch it up.

The healing time too varied with the severity of the surgery ranging from a few weeks to several months. During this period, the patients were normally confined either to their bed or allowed only limited movement.

With the continuous advancement in medical science along with the use of robotics, surgical methods have become more and more sophisticated, miniaturized as well as minimally invasive. This has also resulted in the patient requiring the least amount of recovery time.

What exactly do I mean by the above statement?

When I say sophisticated, the surgeon has the help of several monitoring devices which pinpoint the exact area that needs medical attention.

In terms of miniaturization, for example, now a days, you can actually insert a miniature camera into the body and see the affected and operate upon the affected area.

In terms of developments in robotics, the surgeon has practically become a mere computer operator. Robots or robotic arms perform the most complex surgeries involving minute areas, say in the eye or isolating and destroying just the cancerous cells, etc. The surgeon now needs only to control the robotic arm through the computer console.

When we talk about minimally invasive surgeries, gone are the days when we needed to cut open big areas in the body to perform surgeries. Presently, most of the surgeries are performed with robotic help and you only need to make an extremely small incision to carry out the operation.

Keyhole surgery, laparoscopic surgery and Band-Aid surgery are all part of the minimally invasive procedures.

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