Six YouTube Beauty Channels You Should not Forget to Check

The virtual world has emerged as the ultimate platform where we get the opportunity to learn about different things and hone our skills as well. Blogs and video sharing sites attract majority of the internet users as they get to know about every possible thing from these sites. YouTube, the most popular video sharing site has added a new feature lately whereby users can subscribe to different kinds of channels according to their personal interest and thereafter watch latest videos.

Beauty channels are one of the most obvious choices for the girls and thankfully there are plenty of options on YouTube. If you are new to this popular video sharing site, then here is a list of the six most popular YouTube beauty channels that is definitely help you to learn a lot:

Michelle Phan

When talking about YouTube makeup gurus, the name of Michelle Phan tops the list with over 33 lakh followers. Michelle Chan is a professional makeup artist who treats every face as a canvas and thereafter creates a masterpiece on it. She has about 250 videos on You Tube providing easy demonstration on different aspects of beauty regime starting from skin rejuvenation, different makeup styling for diverse occasions, tips on maintenance of healthy skin and other related topics.

Emily Noel

Next on our list is the famous Emily Noel, a professional makeup artist who believes that the right amount of makeup can actually bring about an overall change in the personality of a woman. Her beauty blog has as many as 6 lakh subscribers. Her followers eagerly wait for the creative makeup and beauty tutorials which have detailed and step by step demonstration for dealing with different problems.

Fleur de Force

Fleur is another YouTube beauty guru who has as many as 7 lakh subscribers and 52 million viewers of her videos. Her honest opinion about latest beauty products, easy to follow makeup tips and hair styling videos has made her famous amongst the YouTubers. If you rummage around your beauty channels, you are going to find solution of almost any problem that you are facing right now.

Makeup by Tiffany D

Tiffany has about 7 lakh followers on YouTube. What makes her different from the rest of the beauty channels is the fact that she enjoys herself while explaining different processes to the viewers. Her YouTube channel is a store house for different kinds of makeup tutorials including bridal make up, every day and party makeup, makeup suitable with different kinds of attires and many more. Moreover, there are also videos providing tips for maintain glowing skin, skin rejuvenation process as well as many other facets.

A Model Recommends

This is another popular YouTube beauty channel that is being hosted by Ruth, a model and makeup artists. The best part of her beauty channel is her honest and unbiased reviews on different beauty products. Ruth followers are quite happy with her review as is evident from the positive comments that her videos could gather.

All That Glitters21

AllThatGlitter21 is being subscribed by about 1 million beauty and makeup freaks. This channel is hosted by Elle Fowler, whose awesome beauty and makeup tutorials have a long list of fan followers. All her makeup and beauty tips have drawn inspiration from everyday life. She also shares her secret beauty tips and recommends best products to all her followers.

These are the top most YouTube beauty channels that we recommend you to watch for getting awesome tips, detailed procedure for applying makeup as well as honest reviews on different products. Hit the subscription button right now and enjoy!!


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