Why Dry Ice Blasting Is Superior To Other Methods?

dry ice blasting rental

In any industry, cleaning equipment and machinery is a time consuming process. It also necessitates downtime of these machines for a long period of time.

Earlier, cleaning and maintenance required use of chemical compounds on the equipment and machinery that allowed lot of abrasion to the surface.

Also, the use of such chemical compounds in cleaning did not allow these cleaning methods to be used on equipment for the food and beverage industry.

There are several methods or techniques used in blast cleaning:

1. Cleaning using hand tools
2. Cleaning with power tools
3. High pressure water blasting
4. Solvent cleaning
5. Sand blasting
6. Soda blasting
7. Dry ice blasting

In the case of the first six options, there are one or the other negative points in using them. Some of them may be electrically conductive, others may be generating secondary waste, still others may be toxic and lastly, some of them may be abrasive.

Let us look at dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting uses Carbon dioxide in its solid form. Dry ice blasting does not leave any residue as it sublimates at room or indoor temperature.

Since dry-ice blasting is totally environmentally friendly, it can be used on any type of machinery in almost all industries. Let me name a few industries where it can be used:

– Plastics
– Food processing industry
– Hotels and Restaurants
– Packaging and Packaged food industry
– Restoration work for historical objects like books, etc.
– Automotive industry
– Printing Press
– Aviation
– Health equipment
– Foundries
– Anything made of wood like furniture including paper industry
– Computer equipment
– Pharmaceuticals
– Flour mills

Presently, dry ice blasting machines are more commonly used as they are cost effective, easy to operate, non-polluting, does not leave any residue and highly reliable.

With dry ice blasting rental, you also need not invest in these machinery as you could outsource this work.

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