Best Eye Cream: What Cream to Use To Avoid Dry Scaly Skin

Dry and scaly skin is just another problematic skin condition that is remedied with eye cream for dry skin. The proliferation of skincare products in the market that are supposed to provide solution can become but another dilemma. Some products may actually work but there are also some that claim to be the best eye cream for dry scaly skin but will turn out to swear by empty promises. With this said, it may be best to start by understanding the cause of this skin condition. By finding out the root cause can help you realize a good solution and may just come up with the best eye cream for dry and scaly skin yourself instead of relying to advertising schemes and marketing ploys.

best eye cream for dry scaly skin

The Skin loses Natural Oils

The natural oils contained in the skin maintain hydration and moisture, providing overall health to the skin. Unfortunately, due to aging, consistent exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, wind exposure, etc can cause the skin to lose natural oils which in turn results to dry and flaky or scaly skin.

Harmful Chemical Reaction

Most of the time, you experiment too much on your skin, applying every possible cream that it can take in the desire to make it youthful looking. However most of the time it creates more harm than good. Chemicals such as mineral oils that serve as skin moisturizer, parabens that act as preservatives and fragrances contained in skincare products result to harmful chemical reaction to the skin. These ingredients in eye cream for dry skin can cause the skin to go even drier and flakier. They can also cause skin irritation and other serious problems such as skin cancer. So, when looking for the best skin care product to remedy a dry and scaly skin, note these ingredients and avoid them.

What your cream should have

In contrast to these harmful ingredients, there are natural contents that your eye cream should contain. Some of these are Cynergy TK which is a protein substance that ultimately promotes the production of collagen and elastin for a firmer, flexible and healthier skin. It naturally moisturizes the skin and penetrates deep into it so natural oils are not lost to sun and wind exposure. Eyeliss TM is another ingredient that helps in blood circulation around the eyes. It makes the skin firm and effectively avoids the appearance of dark under eye circles.

The best eye cream for dry scaly skin does not have to be the most expensive. If you look closely, there are less known and more affordable products that offer the same is not more effective results.

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