Take Action, Prevent Broken Capillaries On Face

broken capillaries on face tissue

Broken capillaries on face tissue can be a cause on constant irritation and often lead to a loss of self-confidence, and a lowering of your self-esteem. They are all too easy to spot, manifesting themselves as tiny, twisted, red slivers of veins immediately below the surface of your skin but, unfortunately being clearly visible. The proper medical term for them is Telangiectasia Rosacea. Unfortunately this condition can be hereditary. It is not known what exactly activates it, so the only treatment is a preventative one – but more on this later on.

If it is not a genetic problem, there are many other possible causes, but the broken capillaries have shown themselves, they will not go away without some sort of treatment. When they first appear, you may be forgiven for thinking that you must have done something wrong. Of course that may be true. Broken facial capillaries can be the result of over simply exposing your skin to too much sunshine, drinking too much alcohol, or even eating the wrong diet.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is that broken capillaries are actually burst blood vessels, albeit it tiny ones. Because these blood vessels are so small, and they lie just fractionally below the outer surface of your skin, it is all too easy for their walls to become ruptured. This can happen with impact damage to your face, over vigorous facial scrubbing, or even bathing in water that is too hot. One unavoidable circumstance that gives rise to broken capillaries on face tissue is the simple fact of aging. As you grow older, your skin loses much its ability to generate collagen and elastin in the volumes that it did in your youth. This means that your skin loses most of its firmness and elasticity, making it much more susceptible to accidental damage.

New laser treatments are now available, but because they are so expensive, and also because many people are nervous about the thought of laser treatment technology, and the damage it could possibly do to their skin, for the majority, it is not therefore an option. This brings us back to preventative care.

If you have a good healthy lifestyle, eating the right sort of diet, avoiding obesity and keeping yourself fit, the only other likely cause of broken facial capillaries is the aging process. But there are some excellent skin health and rejuvenation products available on sale today, and one of the best ranges is marketed by Xtend-life.

Xtend-life have set about bringing to market a range of skin care products that can de-age your skin keeping most of its youthful elasticity and texture. This makes it far harder for facial capillaries to get damaged in the first place, and as such it is a great preventative treatment.

There are two products from within the Xtend-life range that are specially formulated to keep your skin feeling, and looking youthful; one is called Age Defying Day Cream, and the other is Restorative Night Cream. One or other of these products is enough to significantly enhance the elasticity and firmness of your skin, but when used together they are quite formidable. You should check out the unsolicited feedback that clients have left on the website to see exactly what people are saying about these excellent treatments.

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