Regeneration of Collagen and the Race for Youth

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When it comes to retaining youth, collagen is without a doubt one of the most important parts, and its breakdown is usually one of the main culprits in the decline of the skin elasticity over time. While we have spent quite a bit of time searching for the fountain of youth, perhaps hoping it was provided by a deity or even built by ancient humans. The search has not been fruitful of course, but some of the aging elements have identified, and they are actually quite easy to prevent them. The following are a few causes of aging, and it should be understood that they can be prevented with the right care:

  • Loss of Elastin in Skin
  • Low levels of Hyaluronic Acid
  • Oxidation due to Free Radicals

In addition, there is the risk of solar radiation, an element that we are all exposed to at some point or another. The most obvious solution is to wear sunscreen but the right skin cream will actually work just as well. If the damage is already done, then you will need to make an effort to regrow the elastin, and many of the products from Xtend-Life can serve this purpose.

regeneration of collagen and the race for youth

There are several different creams available at the Xtend-Life website, some of which are made exclusively for women. In both genders, you will find different ranges, one of which is your basic skin protection and another that serves to lighten the skin. In addition, there are creams that will serve to straighten the wrinkles around the eyes and even some that will provide nourishment to your skin in order to strengthen its condition.

Like many other websites of this type, Xtend-Life does feature products for men. At last, skincare is no longer restricted to women! All of the standard products offered to women have been fine-tuned for men right down to the eye contour serum. In addition, you have the age defense active body lotion for those who understand that the body needs just as much care as the face.

It is important that you follow all of the instructions on these products, and of course make sure you are purchasing a quality product. There are a few companies that tend to spend more money on advertising and product placement than they do on their product, and while this may gain sales for them, it will not do anything to repair your skin. The right products will undoubtedly give you the improvements you need, and soon enough you’ll be ready to face the world with a renewed sense of self-confidence. It might only seem to be a small improvement right now, but over time, you will more than likely find that your skin improves exponentially, and time is much kinder to both your face and your body. Sure, we cannot stop aging just yet, but this is most certainly a valiant push in the right direction with the regeneration of collagen and the destruction of free radicals.” target=’_blank’>Proxacine

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