Wrinkles Can Be Totally Eliminated By Treating!

Wrinkles aren’t attractive. They may indicate that we’re getting older, which in turn means we’re a little wiser, but they are definitely not beautiful. If they were, people wouldn’t be spending billions of dollars each year on skin care products in a bid to retain their youthful looks. In fact, such is our obsession, the cosmetics industry is nowadays one of the most lucrative industries around.

As you’ve no doubt seen for yourself, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of anti aging products and skin firming products on the market, and yet finding one that actually works, remains a huge challenge. Of course the main reason for this simply because most of the big players have lost sight of their original goal. These days the primary goal is to generate the maximum amount of profit.

reduce your wrinkles

For the most part, this is achieved by using the most cost effective ingredients they can find in order to create a skin care product, which in truth, doesn’t even deserve to be on the shelves. Nonetheless, with a good few million dollars invested in powerful advertizing campaigns, even the most useless product will sell. You sit down to watch TV in the evenings, and the latest anti aging flashes up on the screen with almost irritating frequency, you flick through the pages of your favorite magazine, and that same product again, appearing on several pages, and perhaps even on the glossy cover. Eventually, you start thinking that maybe, just maybe, this new anti wrinkle serum does work. After all, the manufacturers are even showing you “before” and “after” photographs.

If you’re serious about reducing your wrinkles, or perhaps even getting rid of them completely, then I would suggest you ignore those photos you see, since it’s no secret that advertisers enhance the images long before you or I get to see them. In fact, they’re legally entitled to digitally enhance their images, although in countries such as the UK, some of the leading brands have had their adverts banned because images were enhanced beyond acceptable limits.

Reducing facial lines involves three basic steps – a good wholesome diet rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals; an active lifestyle which includes sufficient sleep, and last but not least, tried and test skin care products. A great deal of emphasis is always placed on a product’s moisturizing capability, and while this certainly is extremely important, it’s not the be all and end all of skin care lotions and creams.

The only way, apart from expensive cosmetic procedures, to iron out those wrinkles, is by increasing the amount of collagen, elastin, and keratin present in your skin. Unfortunately, most of the big name brands fail to address these issues. Some include collagen in their products, but considering collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin, it’s plainly a marketing ploy designed to boost sales. In a nutshell, collagen cannot be added to the human body – the body has to make its own. The body can however be stimulated to produce more collagen. A substance known as “Xtend-TK” was tested in a number of clinical trials, and on all occasions, it resulted in increased collagen production. It was also shown to increase elastin, and surprisingly enough, it also increased the growth rate of new skin cells.

If looking younger is important to you, as I’m sure it is, then you owe it to yourself to at least look a little deeper into what this one single ingredient can do for you.

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