Aging With Grace In Five Natural Steps

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We all get older, and some of us do it better than others. Many cosmetics companies prey upon our desire to hold on to beauty by marketing age fighting products and lotions that promise that youthful glow in 4-8 weeks. However, there are things you can do for yourself and by yourself that are completely natural and will help minimize the signs of aging. These five steps will work wonders for your health and appearance.

  1. Avoid smoking, period. The health benefits are obvious and numerous, but the benefits to your complexion are simply astonishing! On the cellular level, smoking degrades skin and deprives it of nutrients, causing premature and irreversible aging. The repetitious motion of smoking will cause small creases and lines around your mouth that will be, to say the least, unattractive. Smoking adds years and years to the face that can be avoided, simply by not doing it.
  2. Enjoy the sun in small doses, and with plenty of protective lotion and clothing. Even young skin is vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun and as we get older it does even more damage. Never, never go outside on a sunny day without a good SPF on your exposed skin, most especially your face.
  3. Sleeping beauty is not just a fairy tale, it’s great advice! Your skin recuperates and rejuvenates while you sleep, so make sure you get plenty of it. Always go to bed with a clean face and a gentle night cream that will soothe your skin as you sleep. Add to the glory of a great night’s sleep with sweet smells, soft sounds and adequate darkness. Sleep is one of your best and most natural defenses against aging.
  4. Learn to control or re-direct major stress in your life. Stress really beats up on your body, from the inside out. Since we cannot eliminate all the sources of stress from our lives, we must find ways to soothe ourselves from it. Channel your stress with music, meditation or yoga. Taking time to deal with stress positively will take much of the weight of time off of your face.
  5. Stay active and fit, for life and beauty. Exercise is a fantastic and fun way to keep your body and skin healthy. It will help you maintain a healthy weight which is very important to looking younger and give you greater energy throughout your day. Being fit enables your body to work at a regular pace, rather than on overdrive, which will carry over in to health and beauty benefits you cannot achieve otherwise.Apply this advice to your routine every day and you will see and feel results immediately. Maintaining beauty requires time, care and thought and those who employ a healthy regimen really look much better for it and will age slower and with more grace than those who don’t! The happier you are with your looks, the happier you may be in life, so the time and energy you invest into looking younger will pay off in many ways.

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