Comparing Day and Night Cream: What’s the Difference?

comparing day and night cream

Proper hydration and protection from the elements are essential to keeping your skin in good condition. That’s why so many of us spend time and money to find the perfect skin care products for our situations. In addition to high quality cleansers and hydrating masks, one of the most important products you can choose is a good moisturizing cream. These products work to keep vital moisture inside the skin, preventing it from evaporating and even repairing some damage.

Your skin needs slightly different treatment during the day than it does at night, however. That’s why so many companies offer both day and night cream products. Because there’s not a lot of information available about these creams, many people wonder whether they really need both, or if they can safely substitute one product for the other when they run out. Let’s take a look at the differences between night and day creams, as well as a little information about how they work.

What Is Day Cream?

Day creams, such as Xtend-Life age defying day cream, are designed to provide your skin with moisture throughout the day, as well as protecting it from environmental dangers. During the day your skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which can damage cells and accelerate aging. It may also come into contact with cigarette smoke, air pollution and other sources of free radicals.

Good quality day creams tend to contain antioxidants designed to counteract the effects of these substances, as well as soothing emollients, natural oils and light waxes that form a barrier over your skin without clogging pores. Those with an anti-aging component also contain substances designed to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and similar substances that help keep your skin supple and firm.

Is Night Cream Necessary?

Night creams are also designed to keep moisture in your skin, but they are normally much thicker and designed to help repair some of the damage done during day to day life. For instance, Xtend-Life’s restorative night cream adds a few extra ingredients that aren’t present in the day formulation. These include substances meant to stimulate the immune system, plus heavier natural oils designed to hydrate the skin deeply, preparing it for the next difficult day. Even though it’s heavier, a good night cream shouldn’t feel greasy or uncomfortable.

While you may not strictly need a night cream if you’re using a good daytime product, there’s a good chance that adding an evening moisturizer can improve your skin’s condition. Consider testing one if you’ve previously relied on just one product. You may be surprised by the results!

Can You Use Night Cream During the Day?

One common question among users of both day and night cream is whether using night cream during the day is safe. If you run out of day cream and haven’t had the chance to buy any more, there should be no problem with using your night cream occasionally. It’s usually not a good idea to do this for very long, however.

Each of these creams has been specially formulated to perform a specific purpose. The increased heaviness of night cream can make your skin look oilier during the day. It might also interfere with any cosmetics you wear regularly. If your cream contains an anti-aging ingredient like retinol, you may find that it’s less effective after exposure to the sun. Night creams also tend to lack any solar protection, so it’s a good idea to wear some added sunscreen if you’re going to use them during the day.

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