Facts About White Spots on Skin

White spots on skin are not as common as skin problems such as dark spots, aging signs and other skin diseases like acne, nevertheless it still affects a number of people around the world, which makes it a worrying factor. White spots on skin have troubled the doctors and patients alike for a long time now and still not much is known about this skin condition, but some breakthroughs have been made by epidemiologists and dermatologists in order to understand white spots in a better manner. At least we know its main causes today, and the conditions under which it thrives most easily.

To start, we must look into what causes white spots on skin. According to the research, yeast known as Pityrosporum Ovale is responsible for white spots on skin. This yeast affects the outer most part of the skin first, which is known as dermis in medical terms. White spots emerge on the dermis in patches and continue to spread all over the face and other body parts as the time goes by. What actually happens behind the scenes is that all the cells that are responsible for giving color tone to our skin are destroyed by this yeast and this result in white spots on skin.

The characteristics of white spots on skin vary from place to place and condition to condition. For example, if a person having white spots on skin is exposed to the sun for a certain amount of time, his or her white spots will become more obvious and highlighted as compared to the white spots of a person who is not exposed to sun. This may be due to the reason that being exposed to the sun causes the colored parts of the body to tan and get darker in color, whereas areas affected by Pityrosporum Ovale yeast stay white and become more visible. White spots on skin also appear to be much more common in the areas with damp atmosphere, which is why there are much more people suffering from white spots in countries with mild and moist climate.

White spots on skin may not be limited only to the face or neck region. As earlier told that they thrive better in moist conditions, therefore, the areas in and around armpits and the genitals of human body can get affected too. Especially, if you tend to wash your genitals instead of wiping them after using the washroom.

People do not tend to take white spots on skin as seriously as they should. You should consult a doctor as soon as you witness any such signs on your skin. These white spots can be much more than just spots on your body. They can evoke psychological issues such as low self-esteem and self-denial problems. The physical repercussion of having white spots on skin are also not easily bearable as most of the times people having such skin diseases have lower social acceptability. Therefore, it is most advisable that you do not take any skin disease lightly and should immediately consult a doctor at the first appearance of a symptom.

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