Sagging Neck: Simple Exercises That You Can Use to Reduce its Appearance

reduce the appearance of your sagging neck

Sagging neck is only one of the cosmetic problems of women. Some people think that worrying about your sagging neck may only add up stress to your life but for some women, relieving sagging neck is one way of making them young and vibrant.

The body goes under different changes as you age. It also affects the health of a person including their appearance. You may already be aware about the two most important elements of a firm skin: Collagen and Elastin. These two elements are responsible in making the skin firm and elastic. So why is that women wanted to remove sagginess in their neck?

Usually, you see women finding products and methods that can help remove the signs of aging on their face. Also, they tend to find products that only tackle the area on the face. Skin on the neck is noticeable like the face. It means that if any signs of aging appear on the neck, it can easily be seen. Turkey neck or double chin is also formed not only because of aging but also because of increased body weight or sudden loss of weight.

If you do not want to consider any medical surgery for this, there are a couple of neck exercises that can help bring back the firmness of your skin. These exercises are specifically made to and tone the muscles on the neck and reduce the sagging appearance of your neck. They can help smooth the neck muscles and make it firm and elastic at the same time. However, you must keep in mind that these exercises may not provide instant results compared to other surgical methods. Here are some of the advantages of these exercises.

First, it can help retain your youthful look.

Second, it can add glow to your face.

Third, it helps provide good blood circulation to your head and increases the oxygen supply to your brain.

Fourth, it can help prevent and reduce sagging on the neck area and form smooth and tight skin.

Here are some of the exercises that you can try every day.

Exercise 1:

Try sitting on a chair or stand up right. Tilt your head backwards and move your upper lip and place it on your lower lip. Hold this position for 5 seconds and continue this exercise for 5 to 10 times.

Exercise 2:

You also need to sit or stand and move your head backwards. Press or touch the upper part of your mouth with the use of your tongue and keep this position. Tilt your head downwards and repeat this exercise for 5 to 10 times as well. It can help tone the frontal muscles of the neck and reduce sagging on the skin.

Exercise 3:

You can sit or stand and turn tilt your head backwards and look to the ceiling. Close your lips in a comfortable manner and try doing a couple of chewing motions. You can do this exercise for at least 20 times every day.

These are only some of the most effective exercises for sagging neck that you can use.

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