Top Reasons Why People Still Buy Posters?

You must have wondered why people have always bought big or huge posters. And, what exactly is the appeal a poster has on a person?

I can think of a few reasons that come to my mind as to why posters are still popular:

1. People buy posters to display or showcase photographs or artwork.
2. Huge posters on the roadside make heads turn and notice.
3. Posters can make people think. And thinking people are prone to start a conversation. Conversation leads to different actions based on the emotion generated by the theme of the poster.
4. Posters allow photographs to be cherished and remembered. A photograph, due to its small size, may be invisible in an album. But, when converted into a poster and hung on a wall, it will be remembered.
5. Posters could highlight social issues in a forum or conference.
6. Posters can be used for demanding attention from Government operation regarding neglect of certain core responsibilities, like policing, electricity or water shortages, atrocities against women, etc.
7. Posters are still very popular as a cheap advertisement medium in your store or for your products & services.

For commercial purposes, posters are being used by several industries including arts & entertainment, tourism, education, health, museums, religion, apparel and sports to name a few.

With the advent of computer technology and internet, online poster printing is becoming quite popular. Now, it is easy to order and receive printed posters through online purchases. The order processing is seamless including uploading of the photographs that has to be converted into a poster.

Posters can be printed in different sizes and online poster printing facilitates image uploads and proportional scaling so that the picture size need not exactly match the poster size.

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