Why Maintaining Greenhouses Are A Healthy Pastime?

What are greenhouses?

Greenhouses are enclosures, in a combination of wood and glass (or made up with full glass) for the purpose of growing vegetable or flowering plants in controlled weather conditions. Cooling effect during hot summer, heating systems for winters as well as systems to maintain humidity are all provided in a greenhouse through supplies and accessories.

What are the different types of greenhouses?

– Free-standing greenhouse can be located where ever there is adequate space
– Lean-to greenhouses normally are attached to one wall of the main building
– Glass greenhouses – These are the best to own as they generate a feeling of being outside even while being inside.

Why do people build or buy a greenhouse?

Greenhouses are built for various reasons:

1. Hobby
2. Institutional
3. Commercial
4. International

What can you grow as a hobby in a greenhouse?

1. Vegetables
2. Fruits
3. Exotic flowers
4. Herbs

How can you benefit from a greenhouse when you pursue it as a hobby?

– When you grow vegetables / fruits, you can save on cost compared to buying from the super market.
– You get the best quality produce as you have yourself nurtured it with love and affection.
– People who like gardening will love the activities in a greenhouse.
– It allows them to relax, away from all polluting activities and thoughts
– It is a great place to practice transcendental meditation, pranayama or even yoga.
– You can sell your produce, be it vegetable, fruit or flowers, and earn an income.
– Greenhouses will protect your plants during summers & winters and maintain required humidity during dry weather conditions.
– Increases oxygen supply around the vicinity of the greenhouse thereby helping you to breath clean air

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